Where I came from Part 2

They say that we think in pictures. If I was to say the word car, a picture of your car would immediately appear on the screen of your mind. Now picture this, a room full of Hopes Aspirations, Dreams, Fears and Desires. What type of picture comes up on the screen of your mind? I saw it all, at times it felt like I was swimming in a Ocean of Motion. I was so much apart of This Thing of Ours that I was willing to Kill for it, hell even Die for it. You see, my dream was to see to it that those young artist dreams came true. For me it felt good to be depended upon because they were my motivation. We all need to be held responsible for our actions. Checks and balance is what it’s all about.

I did things that no one else had done in this area. After the first talent show I started meeting more artist from the surrounding areas like York, Gettysburg (Tony Bones, Automatic, Quick Draw) , Waynesboro (Skies), Carlise (Mike Shiesty, Dice, I. B. and Likqwid of Empire Dynasty) Harrisburg (Da Pressure, and Agane),  Hagerstown (Kinfolk and Ilbro,) Fredrick (The Untouchables) and Baltimore MD, DC, hell even Richmond VA. My idea then was to have the artist in one area like Hagerstown for example, organize and host a show in their Hood and invite SAF and others from out of town and out of State. This would give them what they call clout today in their hoods. They will look and feel more established when they are able to bring in artist from out of town and from other States and not only would they receive recognition from their hoods but all artist would be gaining a new fan base. This is how I saw it, we were creating our own tour. All we had to do is keep adding on to the list of artist to join the network.

Now a days you can jump on the internet and do damn near everything you need to do to promote a new release or a show. When I first started we were still on dial-up internet and I had to create all of my fliers which I didn’t think was that bad. Here s one, what do you think?

Okay, after we released Wu’s Cappeton The Return of the Black Hand Soldier we released our first group Album by The Chamber called “The Gift of Speech”then it was The Young bull Big Phase CD called “Phases of Life” and then one by Rasool called “Soonami The Great”.

We got a buzz going on now throughout the DMV. We got a lot of artist on board and we are now doing at least 3 shows a month if not more. Now it’s time for the big show, the Historic Capitol Theater here in Chambersburg. I don’t think any blacks or minorities had ever been inside the Capitol. This would be a challenge, first, would they even allow it, and if they did how much would it cost? The cost including prize money was $3,358.00 and I did it starting out with just the $82.50 to purchase the tickets. In Fact I did it twice.

So many things I did when I first started out had names that I was unaware of like Fundraising. When I was seeking donations to organize and host a show I did know that I was Fundraising. When I was requesting those donations with my Letterhead and Logo making everyone aware of Strong Arm Family, I did not know that I was Branding. When I was having Newspaper articles written and ensuring that their photographers were their to cover our events, I did not know that I was into Public Relations. When an artist had a problem, which many of them did, when they needed somebody to talk to seeking guidance I didn’t know that I was counseling. When I was counseling, advising and directing, I didn’t know that I was Developing artist. When I was organizing, hosting and finding shows I did not know that I was a Booking Agent and Managing Artist at the same time. When Wu said he wanted to record an EP and I got with the producer and assisted in selecting the instrumentals, and put the artist with the producer and the recording engineer to record the songs I did not know that I was a Project Manager and an Executive producer. When I started finding places and ways to sale the tape and CD’s I did not know that I was into Distribution. It seemed like as soon as I learned how to do one thing I was required to research and learn another then create something else, at that time I did not know that I was into Research and Development.

I said all of the above just to let you know that we are more qualified to do things than we give ourselves credit. Knowing these things has built confidence within me. (To be Continued)

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