Where I came from part 3

After 240 South Forth Street the studio was where ever the equipment went. For the most part Soo became the engineer and took over the production side of things.I saw what we had was starting to fade away because there was no longer that foundation that we had on Forth Street.

But it wasn’t long before I met this Realtor name Frank that said that he had a place on Queen Street that I could rent with nothing down and my rent payments would be to clear the house of all the thing that was left in the house by the previous owners. This place was a mess. My man put a dumpster outside of the house and for days, by myself I filled that dumpster up at least three times. Frank provided the cleaning supplies and the paint and painting supplies to clean and paint the place. After about a month the equipment was brought back and the Arm was at full strength again.


Throughout this journey it has never been about me. It has always been about what I’d hope to see. Me becoming what I’d hoped to be, a Strong leader of Strong Arm Family. Living up to our model “We Take Care of Ours”. I believe that they believe it but found it so hard to act on those beliefs often enough. 

When you’re not inside of something you see things different from the outside. I am not a rapper but I have dealt with and been around them for so long I see there subliminals and how they act as if they are cool with each other then I watched them talk about each other behind each others backs. Even though somethings are not seen, vibes are always felt. We worked well together in the beginning.  

Yeah the Bond was Strong it seemed like could stop us, we were doing shows all over the DMV.

Look at that MP3.com that was the beginning of the end of all of this. I felt that we were in Arms Reach of meeting our goal.

It’s funny when you try to provide for all and you see how those that have an opportunity to make something out of something try and take advantage but don’t know how to take advantage.

You see instead of some of them taking advantage of the opportunity to come to a studio 24 hours a day, create, record, eat, sleep, shit, fuck, shower, bring guest like girlfriends and stay for days and all that was asked of them was to pay $50.00 a month for all of that. 

I watched as some came through at night and record their personal music and saw how they would do that and not come around as much when everybody else was there so they could use the excuse that they didn’t use the place that much to have to pay on a monthly bases.

I still to this day do not understand that’s 5 CD sales per month but they weren’t really in to selling their music. 

I personally take the blame for things not going the way that it should have but I will never be into trying to make somebody do what they themselves do not wish to do.

You can probably guess what happen to the studio, it slowly but surely fizzled out. 

The Studio fizzled out but not the Arm, not at that time. We started recording over Tone’s crib. 

To the public things was were great for the Arm but behind the scenes it was like most stories you see about groups after a while. Something happens between this one and that one and now that one don’t mess with that one no more and he don’t want work with him no more.

It got to a point that I started investing my time into other things like writing songs and have Tone created a melody and an instrumental and I would find someone to sing and record the songs. If I get a request from this post I will let that person or maybe everybody hear them, they are nice. Plus I opened up a store.

(Stay tuned for part 5)

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