When it comes to worrying yourself about being the best rapper, please, don’t get me wrong

I hear rappers screaming that they’re the best all the time, talking about how they got bars and the only reason people don’t listen to their music is because they be hating. Can’t nobody do it like them and their Gang Gang. That right their tells me that their minds are stuck on local.

On that Gang Gang, just remember that one bad dude can kill everything that you work hard for, so watch the people that you affiliate yourselves with gangsters.

When it comes to worrying yourself about being the best rapper, please, don’t get me wrong, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THINKING THAT YOU ARE THE BEST, you are supposed to have that type of confidence in yourself.

People always asked me who I think is the best rapper around here and my response has always been the same, the best at what? They then ask who I think raps the best around here? How can I be a judge to so many different styles and flows? 

I have seen what some would consider bums with bars far better than some major artist.

Would I say that they were the best? That’s like asking me who is the best baseball player. In most cases the starters are usually the best on that team at their positions.

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For me, before I would even bring a rapper into consideration for being the best rapper they would have to be a rapper that understood that Music is a Business and that rapper is not only making good music and he or she can rap, they are also taking care of their business. 


I don’t and will never judge a rapper just by a song or a freestyle, I will give them their props if I think that they can spit with substance. I don’t care how hot it is because there are so many other things to take into consideration besides the song in my judgment.


I have seen rappers that can spit fire but all they do is get high, drink and play video games, while talking about how other rappers ain’t shit, are they the best?

I have known rappers that never needed to write, all they needed to do was listen to the beat for a minute to see which instrument they were gone a ride to. They have so many words  in the catalog of their mind but they never write anything down and they can’t stay out of jail. Ask them to let you hear a track and you will hear “I ain’t got nothing right now, I still trying to hook up with my man we recorded a banger over his house but I can’t get a copy. Is he the best?

So, imagine with me for a minute if you will as I voice my opinion as to how I see things playing out in the 717 area for up and coming rappers IF every artist has that forget the Rest I am the Best attitude. Which is cool because we know that you cannot find harmony in all.


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He/they don’t care nothing about me so why should I care about him or them. This holds weight because we are in an era were an artist can see who supports them and who don’t and their ability to do this is getting better and better for those artists that are learning and understand the importance of catering to their target audiences/market.

Oh, he think he all that when 99.99 percent of the time the person that says someone thinks that they are all that actually thinks that, that person is all that.

They hating, this one is so local because people elsewhere don’t know you well enough to hate on you. What local people hate to hear is local rappers boasting, bragging and lying a lot in their songs especially when they hear you talking about they hating on the things that they know that you don’t have. 

There is difference between lying and using your imagination to speak those things into existence.

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“I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post”

When Local rappers get so caught up with their hood fame they actually lose their true creativity by becoming competitive against other local artist. You asked what do I mean by that? What I mean is your music and your songs become local as to where you may get a lot of people that can relate because they experience the same thing in their local rap scene but the average person don’t wish to hear it because they can’t relate to your local beefs.

There is no room for shit like this in the 717

You can hear in the music any time you hear they hating on me cause they don’t have what I have or they don’t be in the streets like me, they ain’t moving them things like me, them nigga’s this and that is all local messages that the world don’t really care to hear because it is just recycled material of things that people are getting tired of hearing. That’s my opinion.

Then they say that, the one’s that make it is a whatever because he didn’t come back to help the next man. Why would he when was here with you all you did was talk bad about him and his music, remember you was the best so, he figure the best gone be alright, I see him on the other side.

What really gets to me is when I hear a local rapper say they don’t mess with a certain other rapper because they are garbage. I respect you for not wanting to waste your time on someone that you can see that you truly believe has not chance at becoming a rapper. I understand that you don’t want mess up your reputation.

But peep this, not everybody is as gifted as others and some people just don’t have what it takes to be a rapper and that can be because of something as simple as not having the right voice or the right look for what they wish to portray themselves as being a rapper.

Rappers that know that they are just starting out PLEASE stop acting as if you know it all. In most cases the only reason someone would tell you something about your music is because they care, so stop thinking that those people are hating on you. 


Like Meek Mill said “There is Levels to this Shit”, so don’t shit on a person just because he is not on your level or he hasn’t accomplished as much as you have.

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