They Confused, They don’t know, They got the Rap game messed up, Somebody should have told them that music is 10% music and 90% Business?

I have seen so many rappers start out thinking that their ability to create what they consider a hot song will be enough to get them to the Big Time. I say this because I always hear them saying, “if the right person could just hear this song”.
Don’t get me wrong, the music industry has changed. I was surprised when I was told by someone in the industry that all it takes is one song to go viral. In most cases it is that one song that introduces us to new artist. But just because you only know of that one song, if you go back you will see that it took a lot more for that artist than just that one song.
Another misconception a lot of rappers/artist  have is that if they create good quality music people will magically show up and buy their music, their numbers will automatically go up and they’ll get signed to a Major Label and do music full time without ever having to worry about money ever again.
Never stop dreaming because dreams do come true.

Stacy Adams

I am writing this because I have seen too many good artists come and go because things didn’t go the way they Thought they would.
Notice that I said the way they Thought it would and not how they Planned it should!
Nobody listened, nobody bought their music and their numbers didn’t go up.
They believe that they created the best music that they possibly could and guess what, nobody cares.
Too many want to be rappers think that the music business is a get rich quick scheme. 
Music has to first and foremost be something that you love and plan on doing for the rest of your life simply because you love doing it.
If you are creating music and your only hope is to  be signed to a Major Label get in line.
If you are serious about making music and wish to make it a career you must see what you are doing as a business. There are a lot things that you have to do before you can start building a house.

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The reality is that there are more people attempting to become rappers than there are kids trying to make it into professional sports.
They usually stop trying out for the sport thing at about 20 years old. You have people damn near in their 50’s still trying to become rappers.
Hell even the sports players and actors aspired to become a rap artist.
I am not here to kill your dreams nor am I trying to provide you with a Blue Print for making it in the music industry.
My purpose is to simply provide you with some Food for Thought.
They say that if a person wants to accomplish anything in life he must first determine what it is that he or she want.
We have been conditioned and programmed to think that the only way that we can make a living is to trade our time for money.
We stick to that because we are not disciplined enough to do for ourselves what we are willing to do for others. 
Just imagine with me for a few ticks:
Napoleon Hill (Author of the Book Think and Grow Rich) pointed out that the imagination is the most Marvelous, Miraculous, Inconceivably powerful force that the world has ever known.
He says that the only problem is that the average individual uses their imagination if they use it at all, against themselves.
They imagine all the things that they don’t want, all the problems that could happen if they step out and went for their dreams.
Just thought about this as I was writing this but it could be a test to see if you should have certain people around you.
Tell them about something that you think would be a great idea and if their first response is to tell you why it wouldn’t work or things that could go wrong.
Leave them because they will bring to you all the things that you don’t want.
We get up every morning and go to a job that we hate. We don’t like what we do and we don’t like most of the people that we have to work with or for. I just pointed all that out to say that you can use yourself.
Imagine if you recorded a CD and got a few T-Shirts made and said every morning I am going to get up and go somewhere for 8 hours and sell my CD’s and T’s.
I hate to say it but it is sad to see that many of you that record music don’t even have enough confidence in your music to approach someone to introduce yourself and let them know who you are and what you do. 
Check out this example because it’s crazy when you look at it.
How many people can you talk to in 480 minutes?
Let’s make it generous and say you talk to each person for 2 minutes you should be able to talk to at least 240 people in 8 hours.
We are still using are imagination. 
Out of those 240 people the first thing that you have to look at.
There are 240 more people that know who you are and I will guarantee you that as soon as they get where they’re going they will asked one of their friends have they every heard of you and they are going to look you up.
Now let’s say that you only convert or sale something to 20% of the 240 people. That would be 48 people purchase something.
40 CD’s x $10.00 = $400.00
8 T’s x $20.00 = $160.00
That’s a potential $560.00 in 1 day. Let’s say that you only make half of the $560.00 that’s $280.00 per day x 5 = $1,400.00 per week
As opposed to:
$10.50 x 8 = $84.00 x 5 = $420.00




Per day working for someone else.

I did the math

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