Music Hath Charms to Soothe the Savage Breast. (William Congreve 1670-1629)

What does that me to you? To me it means that music has the power to control a persons mind and their behavior. 
I have seen too many rappers literally work themselves to death trying to create this image to use as a niche to get them out of poverty that leaves them broke or either dead or in jail soon after they make it out. 
This article is to try and paint a picture of what I call a Self-Fulling Prophecy. What is a Self-fulfilling Prophecy? A simple definition would be a process by which one’s expectations about another person eventually lead the other person to behave in ways that confirm these expectations.



Some say Self-fulfilling prophecies must involve at least two people. They say you cannot have a self-fulfilling prophecy with yourself. I disagree because I believe that we as a person has many personalities within  ones self.  
My intent is to show how a young person wanting to become a rapper can unconsciously think, write, record and act their way right in to prison or worse yet dead. Experiments have provided evidence that people are capable of committing evil acts under certain situational forces. “The  expectations of others often become self-fulfilling prophecies,” wrote Phillip Zimbardo in The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil  (p. 321) “We often become who other people think we are, in their eyes.”



I can’t say what goes through the mind of a young wanna be rapper when he or she decides to sit down and write a song. I can tell you what I hear and see from most of their finished products.  I hear and see young people that no longer care about the art of Hip-Hop it’s all about getting that bag. I understand that music is just music but most of the music that I am talking about is leading kids to their graves. 
I personally believe that anybody that writes and records music for human consumption should truly understand this and take responsibility for the music that they create. 
Many of us know or know of a rapper that raps about things they don’t have and about doing things that they don’t do. When you asked them why do they rap about things that they don’t do they are quick to tell a person that they don’t know them, which is true.
Sad part is that instead of changing their subject matter they decide to change themselves into that person that they rap about so the next time somebody try to tell them that they are not about that life that person can go and check their record as if having a record is now a badge of honor. We hear it all the time, I,m real about mine I live the life that I rap about. 
You see thoughts dictate behavior and music can dictate thoughts. So what is a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy? They are like predictions, because a person thinks a certain way they tend to behave a certain way which will produce a certain result. 
Music is a part of just about everything that we do. You can’t go anywhere without hearing music. Music influences people of any age and social groups, in all times
Probably the most powerful effect music has on our children is their emotions, their perception of the world, themselves and their friends. Every parent should know from experience how music influence the behavior of teens because they were once teens. 
They know that music can motivate, inspire them or help to calm them down so that they can relax.  
Music changes with each generation.  I don’t understand must of it and what I do understand I don’t understand how they are getting paid for it. I pray that they soon learn and understand the concept of what a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy is because there are too many wanna be rappers ruining their lives trying to create a career in the music industry.
A lot of wanna be rappers use to be killers and drugs dealers and we still have them but today we have drug abusers with suicidal tendencies. Even the pretty little ladies have to put on those tough rough I gangster looks when they rap.  Are these scare tactics? 
Think about it, you come out portraying that you are a Gangster that owns every kind of gun that you can think of and you did this and that before you became a rapper. Now you have to prove to the people that you about that life.  
Tell me, how hard can you get and how much can you do to others before you FULFILL YOUR OWN PROPHECIES? 

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