I Learnt something about the Bible

I became a change man after listening to Rev, Ike and a few others that teach the same philosophy. Because of my pass experiences with people who consider themselves Christians and there were so many of them. I allowed them to cause me to only look for reason why they should not believe in the Bible instead of looking for what I could get out of the Bible.

The main problem with most is that they take the words in the Bible as literally something that actually took place. Why is that Mental Health professionals will consider an adult to have a mental disorder (insane) if they believed that there was a Reindeer somewhere out there name Rudolph that has a shiny red nose but, a person could believe that a man born thousands of years ago and was God in the flesh, was crucified and will someday come back to save only them are considered to be sane?

You can’t even get these same people to believe in themselves or their children or the sisters and brothers. It’s a shame but you can’t get them to believe in the very ones who brought them into this world.

What I did learn is that the Bible has true meaning if you don’t take the stories literally. You say how else should you take it, well, here is where most people are so imprisoned by what they were taught and how they were raised that the truth really doesn’t matter.

This is were we would like to help shift the Great Western Paradigm of the myth that the stories of the Bible represent literal history.  When I read the stories in the Bible I understand that what I am reading is an Allegory (earthly stories with heavenly meanings) Jesus says in the book of John, “The words that I speak, they are spirit, and they are life” (John 6:63).

That’s where my change come in you see I learn something that I knew all along, I Am That I Am. I learn that if I put I Am in front of anything that is what I become. 


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