Hey Baldy, what do you mean when you say that you want to Shift the Paradigms in the Music Industry.

I mean that I hope to help change the mindset or thinking of young artist with hopes and dreams of making it in the Music Industry. There is so much information out there that it is very easy to become confused as to what your next step should be.
But this here is not a blueprint or a step by step method for you to follow to make it into the music industry. This is simply some information to get you to start thinking, call it Food for Thought.
First, a Paradigm is a typical example or pattern of something; a model.

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We as people are those examples that have been programmed to be who we are today. We learned to speak the language we speak by listening to the people that were around us when we were born.
We learn to like the foods we like from eating the foods that we were fed growing up. We acquired our beliefs, values and morals from those that raised us so, paradigms are nothing more than a multitude of habits that make up what is considered our culture.
As a child we are unconscious minds looking, listening and sucking up whatever information that our frequencies pick up, the Television, Radio, what is read to us and all the chatter in our environment is being excepted by the little unconscious mind and cannot be rejected.

Unless you were raised in a very creative and productive environment we all have somethings inside of our subconscious that we need to get rid of and one of those things is fear.

Watch this video of Bob Proctor explaining how to Break Through the Terror Barrier.

How does this Paradigm relate to music?

One of the things that stick out the most for a person that was raised poor like me is the way that most of us were taught. We were taught to look for free or find the cheapest way to do things even if that meant taking that 5 Finger Discount, if you know what I mean.
Must of us were raised by a parent that didn’t consistently have enough funds coming in to even think about a budget so that is something that must of us still struggle with.
Only so much came in on the 1st and 15th and usually most of that money was already owed to somebody they had to borrow money from to make it through to the next 1st or 15th
All of these things tend to create a inferiority complex
In music most artist enter their dream of making it out of the hood by somehow being discovered and sign a major record deal. That is how the internet said that all of their favored artist made it to the big time.

They tell them that they have to come up with a niche, created a hot track, market and promote themselves by tattooing their faces, cutting and dying their hair crazy colors, dress weird, promote the latest drug trend, and you got to be from them hood surrounded by big time drug dealers and a bunch of killers.
Now we got 12 year old kids that’s gangsters spitting them hard bars.
I was told by an older artist that nobody from the hood like Chiraq wanna wake up to no positive shit.
You got rappers coming up talking about guns, drugs sex and violence and say that it is because that’s all they know, that’s what they grew up around.
But asked them have they ever did what they talk about? Your answer, Well, Well I’m just trying to paint a picture of my environment. That is a Paradigm that needs to be shift.
I’m getting carried away, what I want to say is that we have been taught some bad things and we need to Shift our Paradigms if we intend on making it in anything that we decide to do.
We have to change the way we think about things because Thoughts are Things that can be transmuted into its equivalent.


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