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Boldbeats Bio

Tyrone Rhodes, A.K.A “BoldBeats” of the Historical Chambersburg, PA, is a 22 year old producer, songwriting, rapper, and singer who has been influenced and surrounded by music his entire life, making it an integral part of who he is today. Tyrone is a “Seed of the Arm,” born into his father’s entertainment organization Strong Arm Family.Tyrone not only seeks recognition and a reputation for himself in the industry, but he also aspires to bring awareness and recognition to local talent. “I want to be the voice of all the unheard talent,” states Tyrone, “There’s literally so much talent in my hometown, but a lot of people don’t have the drive nor see the point in pushing them. So I want to be the reason.” Aside from being a part of Strong Arm Family, Tyrone has his own company that he plans on turning into a label one day, BoldBeats Entertainment. “My father is the brains behind the operation. I have no clue about the do’s and don’ts of the industry, so I’m extremely thankful to have him beside me,” Tyrone explains. In an intense and competitive industry, it is difficult to stand apart from the rest.

Tyrone believes that he is original, which appeals to a diverse fan base. “I don’t want to be stuck into one category,” he explains, “my fans are pretty diverse, which makes me think I’m doing something right. So far, everyone likes almost all of my music. I’ve always had amazing feedback on my instrumentals, but once I actually started writing songs, people have been really supportive.” Tyrone’s music does in fact appeal a diverse fan base, and is versatile in terms of atmospheres to listen in. His music has a rich bass sound with delicate instrumentals that appeal to the listener. His music is the perfect combination of that which can be listened to while chilling with friends as well as enough to get you hype/pumped. Explaining that feelings influence his music, it is obvious to the listener that his music is filled with raw emotion and passion. “Music has hyped me up, pissed me off, made me cry, made me smile. It has the capability to make you feel, and that’s the beauty behind it.” Tyrone brings that same passion into the music he creates and produces, hoping to share that same passion with others. Wishing to share the same emotion and passion with others, Tyrone believes he can share his music with the world “if I actually got my name out there.”

Since taking this journey seriously, starting back in May of 2018, Tyrone has made an impressive rise in progression. He has performed at 5 different events, and has notibly been the center of attention at all said events. He has the capability to control the crowd, when he says jump, they jump. The energy he puts out is unlike any other in his area. “He’s really a natural entertainer” says one of his supporters.

Along with shows, he has also linked up with a couple of artists to create some serious music. Coming with hard deliveries and a number of flows, his verse have been in high demand. However, not everyone is willing to pay for his skills. Here’s what Tyrone had to say about it. “Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me charging for a verse. Obviously there’s a reason so many people want to do a track with me. If you come with the same energy as I do, you’ll easily be able to profit from the track.. It’s a matter of how bad you really want this. But I’m not going to give a free ride anymore. When I first started this, I tried to collaborate with multiple artists, and they all turned me away, so now, if they want a verse from me, they’re gonna have to pay, haha.”

Expect to see big things from “BoldBeats” this year [2019].

He’s began to brand his household name outside of music, starting his line of clothing and apparel. 

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